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A trusted relationship is vital and without trust it will not work to achieve goals. As your Chosen Estate Agent in Khartoum in property field, we act with integrity and always think about the bigger picture providing personalized, clear and considered advice on all areas of property sector. Through our deep understanding of the needs of both customers and clients of markets and sectors – both emerging and established – we aim to meet and exceed your real estate objectives and needs. We are here to guide our clients to be proactive rather than reactive in a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape on a local, national and level. Our long history of experience in the property sector in the UK and beyond will reflect in the services we provide. We are the Pioneer in advertising your Property on one the biggest Global Property Website. Not to forget to mention, that we have participated in International Property Exhibitions in the UK Excel , Dubai International Property Exhibition and Moscow Property Show. Sunbeams Real Estate Agents is renowned for its professionalism, transparency and after sale service that no one can match in the Real Estate Agents field in the Sudan.

 Our Staff is true partnership is a balanced one and we are committed to making our business inclusive and diverse, giving individuals the opportunity to perform at their best and be appreciated and recognized for the value they bring to our clients and establishment. We empower everyone to have autonomy in their role and encourage them to think differently about how we can make a positive impact as an Estate Agent Establishment and in shaping the future of a modern   real estate model, the built environment and its impact on the communities it serves in The Sudan. We are One Stop Shop not just Real Estate Agents. We offer many services, please refer to our Services Page. The result is that our Staff is motivated and incisive, as we strive to ensure your experience with us, as your Real Estate Agent in property sector, whether in Rentals or Sales, is the best that it can be. We offer Holiday Letting, Vacation Rental, Short Term Letting and Long Term Letting.

We understand that in the market there are customers who have different budgets and needs especially in the Rentals Field. Therefor we are introducing the Lodger Scheme, for those who are looking to partially rent their property, if you have a room or a self-contained flat in your property, we can get you Lodger to rent your accommodation. Please contact us by e mail:  hello@sunbeamsestate.com .

We are also, introducing a Pet Friendly accommodation, for those clients who cannot be separated from their beloved Pets. This has become possible by having understanding Landlords. No doubt that Sunbeams Real Estate Agents is the leading Estate Agent in the Sudan. We are looking forward to serve you as your Trusted Real Estate Agent in The Sudan.

We are now privileged to be able to offer Investments Projects in the Blue Nile State. The Blue Nile State is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Sudan in terms of climate and landscapes. It is also considered among the richest regions of the Sudan in terms of Resources and Natural Wealth.


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