Q. What is an Acer?

A: A large plot of land about 4200 Sq. Meter

Q; Can Foreigners buy Property in the Sudan?

A; Yes, you can lease Properties in the Sudan for 99 Years.

Q: Possibility to get a Mortgage for Property in the Sudan?

A: It is possible to get mortgages on the construction of properties. However, mortgages directly or through commercial Banks but this is only available if you have a plot of land registered on your name

Q: Do I need to be in The Sudan to complete on a Purchase?

A: No. It is not necessary for you to be in the inland to Purchase your property. Due to any reason if it is not possible for you to stay .We at Sudan Sunbeams provide all the details of purchasing to our customers online and via email. You will have no problem and can be at an ease that you are in the safe hands.

Q: What is the time difference with UK?

A: Sudan local time is one or two hours ahead of UK GMT time depending on the time of the year.

Q: Is the local driving license required in The Sudan?

A: Driving in The Sudan is on the right side of the road, which should not create any problems. You would be allowed to drive on your UK Driving License for the period of three months, after that you would need to apply for a permanent local driving license.

Q: How will we come to know about the construction work?

A: We at Sudan Sunbeams will provide you with all the pictures of the construction phase . So you will not have to worry about this.

Q: Who will look after our property and pay bills while we are away from The Sudan?

A. When you are away we can offer you the services of Sudan Sunbeams Property Management. If you want to know about are Property Management .You can visit the following link

Q: Can we use a solicitor abroad?

A: No. You must use a solicitor based here in The Sudan. You can get your own solicitor or we do have solicitors who can guide you with the whole process.

Q: Are there any extras to the purchase price?

A: Unfortunately yes. As the purchaser you will need to retain the services of a solicitor. The fee of our service for introducing the property to you, the stamp duty for the Government .

Q: Are their good schools?

A: Yes there are many good English medium schools where you can send your children.


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