The history of the Education in The Sudan goes back for a long time. In the past the KHALWA or the Religious School was the only institute of education. During the Ottomans era the first estate school was opened in Khartoum followed by several schools all over The Sudan.

Until the beginning of the 20th century girls were not allowed to attend schools. In 1907 Sheikh Babiker Badri the pioneer of women education started the first school for girls in his own house. This first girl’s school later progressed until it became one of the biggest and best University for Women in The Sudan situated in Omdurman, known as Alahfad University for Women .Alahfad University for Women is a pious foundation administrated by a committee of 20 only 4 of them are grand children of the late Sheikh Babiker Badri.

After the British conquered the Sudan in 1898, General Kitchener had paid more attention to education, by building The Gordon Memorial College later after the independency renamed the University of Khartoum. It was the first University in The Sudan.

The late Nafissa Kamil, (1916 – 2005) pioneer of the women movement who contributed a lot to the Sudanese People and  The Sudan. She is the first Sudanese Lady to write her Biography entitled ‘The Sudanese Woman between the Past and the Present’ Her book is now used in many universities as reference.

In the early 20th Century the Catholic Schools for both boys and girls were introduced into The Sudan. Some of them are still functioning as Saint Francis School for children Camboney Boys SchoolSister School and Unity High School for Girls in Khartoum.

Now a days there are thousand of state and private schools and many universities all over the country are  attracting international students from various countries.

The University of Khartoum was known as Gordon Memorial College was built in 1902 under the instruction of Lord Kitchener in memory of General Gordon Basha, It is the biggest and oldest university in The Sudan.  Now it has many Faculties.


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