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Sudan Sunbeams Real Estate Agents is a true example of a Modern Real Estate Agents in The Sudan. At Sunbeams Real Estate Agency, we welcome you, whether you are Sudanese National, Expat or Foreigner.  We offer a selection of Flats, Houses, Villas, and even entire Residential Apartments Blocks for rent or that you can lease in Khartoum (Al Khartoum) , Khartoum North (Bahri) and Omdurman, Garden City, Burry, Al Manshiya, Al Amarat, Altaif, Arkawit, Hai Alraggi, Khafouri ,Kuber, Al Safiya, Khartoum 2 Districts and moreWe can find the right property to suit your needs. We offer Holiday Rental Properties , Short Rental Apartments and Long Term Rental Properties. We have them at different Prices to meet different levels of Budgets. We offer many rental properties in the Sudan where tenants who have pets are welcomed. Whether you are looking to rent Furnished or Unfurnished Property. We are ONE STOP Shop Real Estate Agents with long experience to meet all your needs and make your Relocation to The Sudan or moving to a new Home an exceptionally smooth one. In some Rental Properties Pets are allowed. We are offering in Khartoum Region Long-term Rentals, Short Term Rentals, Holiday Rentals as well. If you are searching for an Estate Agents in Khartoum, we are here for you. Your satisfaction is our aim. When it comes to the word of mouth, Sunbeams Real Estate is the most recommended Estate Agent in the Sudan.

We are now privileged to be able to offer Investments Projects in the Blue Nile State. The Blue Nile State is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Sudan in terms of climate and landscapes. It is also considered among the richest regions of the Sudan in terms of Resources and Natural Wealth.

Very spacious 6 Bedrooms two story Grand Villa in a prime location in the District of Al Riyadh in Khartoum

6 beds 5 baths

Rental Apartments in Garden City in Khartoum Rental Apartment Block, Your Google search takes you to Sunbeams Real Estate Agents who offers Rentals in Garden City Sudan Block of 8 Flats which benefits from 8X8 Meter Basement with a
Mezzanine with large windows overlooking the Garden; situated only 150 Meters from the Blue Nile.

Rent a 3-Story impressive Villa in built on a Corner Plot in a Prime Location close to Alsalam Tower in the popular Al Amarat District in Khartoum Sudan

10 beds 7 baths

Rent Villa in Khartoum East Sudan -Property for Rent listing in Khartoum Sudan .5 Bedrooms Villa with 2 Swimming Pools close to the famous Elmek Nimer Street in Khartoum East District of Khartoum Sudan. It has a nice Garden and two Swimming Pools

5 beds 5 baths

Luxury 3 Bedrooms Apartment in Hai Alshatti, Khartoum Sudan offering Panoramic Blue Nile views Luxury 3 Bedrooms Apartment in the upcoming area of Hai Alshatti, Khartoum. Sudan offered by Sunbeams Estate

3 beds 3 baths

For Rent 3 bedrooms secured apartment in a thought after location situated in Khartoum, Block No. 7 in Riyadh District east of Khartoum International Airport

3 beds 3 baths


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