Scuba Diving in Sudan

Scuba Diving in The Sudan Red Sea, Arous, Fija Bay, Past Camera etc…..

The Sudan is one of largest countries in Africa. It is an undiscovered  tourist destination and should not be  underestimated.

Political unrest in the past was a reason for the delay in developing of tourism in The Sudan,  that is why it did not  come up in the  high list of most people’s places to visit and discover. If you are a diver  who enjoy this special sport, it is a must to consider diving in The Red Sea shores of The Sudan

Just recall and imagine the memorial diving experience  you have done in the Egyptian Red Sea, just ad  on it and you can visualize  what to expect in Sudanese Red Sea. You can be assured that  diving will never bring you disappointment, the reefs are all in excellent condition.

The visibility  is great about  20-30 m , fantastic preserved coral reef drops onto a flat outcrop around 23 Meters,  narrow plateau starting at 20 Meters stretches out for  about 50-75 Meters,  then drops off at 40  meters. It drops to 600 meters and more on all sides.

You will be met with lots of grey reef sharkstuna etc…Words will not be able to describe what a pleasant experience will be waiting for you in the deep water of the Sudanese Red Sea.

There are several flights from Khartoum to Port Sudan, which is the next point to reach the best diving shores of the  Sudan Red Sea.


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