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Building something that fits with your own design needs can be very satisfying, and it has many advantages.

Choose your own location in The Sudan: You can choose the location of the plot and the design of the property to suit your needs. By having your home built for you will reduce costs considerably to acquire a property in The Sudan. Sunbeams Real Estate could complete the construction of the project within a year depending on the season when we start the project. Starting well before the rainy season will reduce the project timescale. We have plots available for your new project in The Sudan, but we can also build your project on a plot of land of your own choice. The plot usually dictates the type of property you can build. If you have your own plot, we can advise you on the type of property you could have built for you from villa , house or even an apartment – block.

Finding a plot for you in The Sudan: If you do not have a plot of your own, we can find you the right plot for the right property you would like to have built for you. Size of plot. Plot sizes can vary considerably. The size of property you could build must be suitable for the plot.

Drawing the architecture of your dream house with our architect: You can sit with our architect and who will draw the sketch of your future home according to your needs and desire. It may be that we have a design that could appeal to you. A factor to bear in mind is that any substantial changes to an established and used design will require the drawing of new house plan. Before drawing the plans we will give you the quotation for the cost of the project. Our quotation will be tied with a contract which will be detailed and protect your rights. and you will only pay for what is stated on the contract unless you decide to add or use different material than what has been agreed in the contract. If it is the case, we will also give you a fixed price for the extras you have asked for. After you have made up your mind about the project and accepted our quotation, we will get the architect to draw the said plans and will apply for the planning permission from the Land Registry Office prior starting the project. We will have the plot officially marked to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. This will prevent any errors being made and will ensure your property is built within the correct boundaries.

Materials used for constructing your property in The Sudan: The materials we will use for your project are of a very high quality. Damp proof courses is applied in all our projects. The type of finishing materials used will affect the cost of the project, for example; Floor coverings. Marble, ceramic, or something else. Marble is more expensive than most ceramics, whilst some other man-made floor coverings could actually cost more than marble. All these materials will vary in quality and cost. Principle methods of wall construction. Most properties are made with a concrete frame, with brick infill. The concrete takes the entire structural load except for stone houses since the walls are 40 cm wide. (whereas for example in the UK the brick/block walls also take the structural load). Boundary walls or fences and driveway – you can choose which materials are to be used.

Water tanks: In some areas where water supply can be problematic, a large tank, and even better a reserve tank, on, or underground is a good idea.

Heating and cooling options: Heating and cooling (winter months require some form of heating except for stone houses built from some type of stones. There are various options including central heating, open fire or multi-fuel stove, air conditioning units split units) that act as heaters in winter.

Kitchen: Fitted kitchen and bedroom units and bathroom suites. There are different qualities of materials used. Our standard range is of a good quality, but you can choose a better quality at an ‘extra’ cost.

Swimming pool: Is usually fitted as an extra. The cost will rise with the size of the pool and the nature of the plot.

Stage – Payments: The payment for the project will be paid in  5 stages. The last payment will be paid after the completion of the project and it is completed to your satisfaction. During the course of the building, we will e-mail you photos showing the progress, before demanding the next payment. We have no objection to, if you would like to instruct your own architect to check the project during the construction and upon completion. As normal practice, we inspect your property after one year from completion date to deal with any settlement cracks and repaint the inside and outside of your property free of charge. We do not have show houses of our own to show the customers, but we can show you existing properties we have built in the past for other customers who would be delighted to invite you into their property and give you the chance to share their joy in having a property built by us.

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