How Carla, the Italian Businesswoman has made Investment Success in The Sudan, Now her Nubian Rest House in Meroe recommended by

Exposing the undiscovered History of the Northern Sudan to the world

Creating jobs for the local inhabitants in the region.

I.T.C. Sudan, since the 80’s in the Land of the Black Pharaohs

Northern Sudan is a hidden gem ready to be discovered in safety and comfort. The land where there are more pyramids than in Egypt but just few people know it. We are the largest DMC in the country, and we are specialized in cultural and archaeological tours, luxury experiences, adventurous trips, and business travel.

Our story starts around the 80’s when we first travelled to Sudan, and we fell in love with the country and its people. We began bringing friends and Italian groups (as the owner is Italian) from the 90’s and then in 2000 we decided to open the company with some Sudanese friends we made on the way.

After more than 20 years, we are a fully registered Sudanese Company and the leading DMC in the country. We built and we own two exclusive properties: The Nubian Rest House, in Karima, and the Meroe Tented Camp.

Our Nubian Rest House is a charming boutique hotel built in the typical Nubian style and located right at the foot of Jebel Barkal, the holy mountain which is a landmark in the Nubian Desert and a UNESCO site.

Our hotel has 24 A-C on suite rooms, characterized by a traditional Nubian door, a dome roof and a comfortable veranda overlooking a nice flower garden. A decorated entrance gate, a private large enclosure and an elegant restaurant complete the atmosphere.

In a totally different environment, located on a sand hill there is our fixed tented Meroe Camp. It consists of 22 twin-bedded luxury and tastefully furnished tents (4×4 m) each one with its own private bathroom hut with WC, shower and washing basin, provided with towels and a small soap (no amenities). Each tent has a veranda to relax and enjoy the view over the Meroetic pyramids (a must-see in the country, UNESCO site) and the restaurant is the perfect meeting place for guests. En-suite bungalows are being built.

While most recently we set a new accommodation in the Nubia Region, in Tombos which is a nice little village situated close to the huge rocks of the Third Cataract. This area in known for its ancient granite quarries and a statue of King Taharqa (the sleepy Pharaohs). Tombos is in the Nubian Region where the population lives among yellow sand dunes, palm trees and where several houses have traditional colorful painted doors.  In this amazing setting, we have decided to set up an exclusive Experiential Preset Camp with big Igloo tents each with camp beds, foam mattresses, sheets, wool covers, a small table and two folding chairs. Meals here are served in a big restaurant tent, where guests share their time and enjoy our delicious meals.

We also lead desert expedition with wild camp tents and special trips to the Sudanese Red Sea, where we do normally board a boat to enjoy the marvelous and still pristine barrier reef with diving and snorkeling experiences and guided visits to some UNESCO sites located in these areas.

After all these years we have developed our own way to show Sudan to travelers: with its hidden gems, pristine deserts, genuine local tradition and much more. We led small groups, solo-travelers, journalists, and special guests to undiscovered areas of this beautiful country. We have our own cars with professional drivers, excellent desert cooks and cultural multilingual (English, Italian, Spanish, and German) local guides.

Sudan for us cannot be only business. We are committed to protect the environment, its resources, and its marvelous people. We proudly founded and keep supporting the NGO Amici del Sudan/Friends of Sudan to help local communities. It is quite difficult to do so in Africa, however in our tours, we are trying our best to minimize the production of non-disposable rubbish, we try to be as “green” as possible and to preserve the friendliness of the Sudanese people.

Northern Sudan is a hidden gem ready to be discovered in safety and comfort.

With 20 years of experience, you can trust us, and we will make your trip across Northern Sudan a memorable experience.

Nubian House in Meroe highly recommended by Sudan Sunbeams Real Estate Agents .

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