Farewell Griselda El Tayeb MBE (15 March 1925 – 20 May 2022) who was born in the UK and died in the Sudan

The Sudanese Nation is saddened by the news of the death of Griselda El Eltayeb   MBE on 20 May 2022. She was the wife of the Academics Dr Abdalla El Tayeb. She moved with him to the Sudan in 1951. She has contributed allot to the Sudanese people. She initiated courses for art education  in schools and colleges of the Sudan. She was a true example of Loyalty by continuing living in the Sudan after the death of her Husband   Dr Abdalla El Tayeb. She has converted to Islam in 1997. Her wish was to be buried in the Sudan beside her husband the late Dr Abdalla Eltayeb, which has been fulfilled by the Sudanese People on 20 May 2022. She will always be remembered by the Sudanese People.

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Saturday May 21 9:07 pm

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